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Like most other major manufacturers, RV and camper factories have had to reduce production or shut down completely as a result of COVID-19. And, again like many companies, some are starting production as states slowly loosen related restrictions on businesses What they’re discovering upon restarting production is that there’s a significant rise in demand for RVs, campers and other related vehicles.

Changing COVID Plans

Coronavirus destroyed many peoples’ vacation plans. While this is hopefully temporary and not the worst result of the pandemic, it is disheartening nonetheless, particularly since taking available vacation time is often touted as important for maintaining mental health in a society that takes worth ethic so seriously. COVID RVs and campers offer a ray of hope that vacation, rest and travel with some safety are possible.

According to the, Chicago Tribune, “A recent survey by MMGY Global for the U.S. Travel Association found that 68% of people feel safe traveling in a personal vehicle. Only 18% say the same about taking a domestic flight, and even fewer — 11% — feel safe flying internationally. Parks topped the list of places most survey respondents are comfortable going, and the great outdoors have always been a good fit for RV travel.”

People who may have never thought of considering an RV before are finding themselves in the market as a result of the pandemic’s limit on common travel. The amount of purchasers and renters have skyrocketed, and all because the travel method allows for more freedom.

With some travel accommodations still closed or limited, and major travel methods and locations posing the potential problem of crowds, travelers are in search of ways to get out and about with less risk. It’s true that many choose to stay home and wait for the pandemic to ebb and for vacationing to be safe again, some simply don’t want to wait. Plus, COVID campers and RVs provide ongoing travel flexibility, lasting well after standard travel is available again.


In fact, many of those who already owned RVs were able to maintain their travel plans, even after the pandemic spread, halting travel for most of the world. Some postponed their plans, but others went about their vacations with few changes. Many campgrounds stayed open this spring, practically those open year-round, and mandatory distances in those grounds, along with the barrier of an RV, mean a generally safe vacation experience.

Interestingly, some people are not using the campers to travel; instead, they’re using them to isolate and quarantine. Whatever the reason, this rise in RV and camper consumerism is a benefit not only to those wanting to vacation or isolate, but to RV. companies and their staff, as well. With so many people out of work and factories closed, any increase in demand is a great thing for those in need of work

While you can’t be sure when coronavirus will be less of a threat, you can be sure that life doesn’t have to stop completely. Make new plans; bring your COVID camper to Bethy Creek and get away from the pandemic.