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If you love fishing, a love of traveling often comes with it; to experience the best fishing, you must travel to the best places. Many a fisherman has his or her favorite places, or is ready to find the next. If this is you, have you considered owning an RV? If you own one, how much do you rely on it for your trips?

Your RV could be the perfect base camp for long fishing trips. All you need is the comfort of your vehicle, your fishing supplies, and off you go to your dream fishing vacation. In some cases, all you need to eat is your catch of the day.

Take Your Camp with You

Seasoned fishermen has plenty of equipment to carry with them. They may become collectors of lures, rods, tackles, and more. Combine this with cooking supplies, fish cleaning supplies, and daily basic needs, there is plenty with which to do more than fill an RV; it’s enough to build an on-the-go campground. Once you get there, you have the open flames to cook your meal and keep you warm.

When the time comes to clean yourself off, your RV can help you there, too. Or, it may be possible to wash in the natural waters nearby. Making your RV an essential part of your fishing experience means you take your home with you, and what you don’t have in it, you can find where you go. It’s your home on the road.

Making it Fit

All the equipment you need to fish requires a lot of room. When you’re traveling, no matter what sort of RV you have, your space is limited, so storage can seem like a challenge. There are items to help this: a rod travel tube, boxes for flies and lures, fishing pouches, and other small storage containers. Using these smaller items also help you limit what you pack. If you collect fishing gear have a lot from which to choose, you might need extra help being frugal for your trips.

Basecamp at the End of the Day

When you have had your fill of fishing for the day, or you’re forced to leave it behind as night falls, you will want to enjoy the fruits of your labors, assuming that you were able to keep what you caught. Plenty of RVs have the options for portable grills, or you can find one to add to your travel year. You can choose from gas, charcoal, and electric, with many size and pricing options. Of course, if you prefer a fire, that’s possible, too.

Of course, one of the best things about having your RV with you on your fishing trip is the comfort of home. You have the things you love most with you—family, friends, food, and fishing—and all of it comes together to create a home away from home with fish.

Make your RV the ultimate fishing accessory. Whether you own one already, or you want to purchase one, bring it to Bethy Creek and make it part of all your best fishing trips.