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If you think that the cold weather will keep you from enjoying a vacation on, or near the water, think again. Yes, spending time near lakes and the ocean is more commonly associated with summer and spring, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to love about waterside vacations in the fall and winter. The time for a watery break never really ends for those who love the scenery, and for those who love to fish. If you want to be by the water during your next vacation, take your RV and be one with the water.

Fishing is the biggest lure.

Of course, the most common reason people choose to brave the cool weather, and even colder water is to fish. People who love fishing let little stand in their way; after all, there are people who fish in the ice. There are all sorts of fish, fishing styles, and more to tempt the sportsman, and plenty of people load up their RVs with all their fishing gear, supplied, with their boats hitched to the back, and drive. Whether they fish because it’s relaxing, or they love to eat what they catch, the water offers satisfaction all year.

Cool and Quiet

Water alone draws people, too. There doesn’t have to be a plethora of activities for the water to hold appeal. All you need is to feel happy, satisfied, and calm near the water. Many find the sounds of flowing rivers, ocean waves, and other noises to be very soothing. All they need are the basics—food and shelter—and they’re happy near the water.

Of course, nature is far more quiet than the urban world. Watery waves also have a way of relaxing with their rocking motion. It could be that all you need is a comfortable seat by the water so that you can listen to its sounds and watch its motions. Or, better yet, you can go out on that boat to hear and feel it all up close. As for the cooler, or colder temperatures, you can still wrap up warm. In fact, it could be comforting to be wrapped in fluffy coats and blankets, with a fire or heater going nearby, and your hot drink in your hands, not to mention having someone you love close, too. All these things make for a cozy, relaxing vacation with the water.

Where does your RV come in? Well, it gets you to the water, lets you carry all you need with you, and provides you with shelter. It’s your home on the go, so that when you’re ready to leave the water and have a good night’s sleep, you can just go back to your vehicle, rest, and start it all again the next day.

If you love the water, take your RV and take your vacation there. Come to Bethy Creek when you decide to take that break. Bring your RV with you and relax with the water.