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So, your RV is loaded and you’re ready to head out for another adventure. You have made your lists and packed. Was bug repellent on your list? It should be; no matter where you go, you have the possibility of being bombarded by pests. Even if, in your experience, bugs like mosquitoes haven’t bothered you as much as they seem to bother other people, you should still try to avoid those pests during your summer vacation.

Bugs Carry Disease

Some people struggle a lot with pests. They seem to attract mosquitoes, ticks, and other buzzing, biting things like no one else. Others come away with very few bites, if any. All it takes to become a problem, however, is that one bite. One bite could the be the one that contains diseases like West Nile Virus, or carry something that causes an allergic reaction, among other potential problems. It is not worth the risk; if you can defend yourself against any bites, you should try.

Sprays and Other Defenses

Some people avoid mosquito and pest defense because the sprays are a nuisance. Some people have negative reactions to DEET, a common ingredient in pest control sprays. The smells of these sprays are also a problem for some. Fortunately, because a noticeable number of people have negative reactions to these sprays, there are many alternate ways you can protect yourself and your children. There are sprays and topical applications made specifically for children that hold less chance of a negative reaction.

There are also wearable devices that emit defenses undetectable to you. You can find clips for your belt, bracelets, and more. There are sprays available that don’t contain DEET, and some that are unscented, or both. Remember to reapply when you’re out for a long time. If you’re going to be out for an extended period of time, it’s best to invest in more than one defense method. One single application of spray may not be enough coverage if you’re out all day.

Consider your clothing, too. Though it may be hot where you are if you’re traveling in summer, covering yourself as much as possible helps prevent bugs from getting to you. Light colored clothing is less attractive to mosquitoes, plus, this will protect you from the sun. Thus, covering yourself in cool, reflective clothing as much as is possible and comfortable could be doubly beneficial.

Don’t forget your pets. If they’re traveling with you, they need protection. Mosquitoes can carry heartworms, so arm them against those. You can also get tick and flea defense. Talk to your vet; if you can’t afford the prescription versions, ask which over-the-counter brands work best. You should never use your own sprays and defenses on your pets unless your vet says it’s safe.

Stay safe this summer; it will make your vacation much more enjoyable for everyone. Protect yourself against pests, the sun, and anything else. Finally, remember to have fun. Come to Bethy Creek for your vacation and enjoy all summer, fishing, your RV, and more have to offer.