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Summer is in full swing and the heat is almost unbearable in some places. It is still fun to get out and enjoy summer activities, as long as you have ways to keep cool, of course. If taking your RV is part of that enjoyment, you want to make sure that your vehicle is capable of keeping you cool when you need relief from the heat. You want your RV to be your shelter from that discomfort. Turn your RV into a little oasis with some simple, cheap, DIY tips.

Add Some Shade

Even if your RV doesn’t come equipped with shade, you can invest in some. All you need is a shade attachment, like patio awning shade. You can measure the place on which you want the roller shade to go. Then, buy and attach. You can get the type that unrolls manually, or an automatic shade model. Be as simple or as modern as you like, but enjoy being shielded from the sun when outside your RV.

Of course, when you take your RV on the road and to campsites, remember to park in shady areas whenever you can. This will help you stay cool, and give all your other attempts to do so a significant boost. If you can park near the water, that will help, too. The temperatures near the water are generally much cooler.

Fans and Ventilation

Whether things are getting too hot inside or outside, fans are great, inexpensive items. A small fan inside the RV can work wonders for making things more bearable. When you’re outside, consider a misting fan. You’re not limited to the handheld type; you can buy larger versions and enjoy cool, misty breezes anytime you’re in the hot sun.

Of course, the more cool air that can move through your RV, and the more heat that can escape, the better. Make sure you have good ventilation throughout your vehicle. Installing more is very easy, and when you add that to your fans, you will have a cool, breezy RV in the heat of summer. In fact, you may never want to leave it.

Insulation and Reflective Materials

The more well-insulated your RV, the better it will maintain the temperature you want. You can make adjustments to your RV that will help insulate it better, like new windows, or visors. Reflective materials anywhere you can put them also help; they reflect the sunlight and prevent its heat from absorbing into your RV, thereby keeping things cooler for you. There are plenty of DIY insulation and reflective techniques you can use to reflect radiant energy away from your vehicle.

Don’t suffer and suffocate in a hot RV. Take a few, simple, inexpensive steps to cool down without spending a fortune on air conditioning. Have a great time in the summer with your RV, even when the temperatures reach all-time highs. Remember to bring your family and vehicle to Bethy Creek for great fishing and much more.