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If you are a RV-owner, you might very well be a fisherman, too. You may own a boat, or may be considering the purchase of one. If you want to tow a boat with your RV, but you have never done this before, there are some things you will want to consider. Having a RV and a boat to tow with it can be a great things, but towing your boat with a RV takes some planning.

A lot of people want to tow a boat with a RV, if they don’t already. The double-tow is a Class A motorhome that tows a boat trailer. The triple-tow is a truck with a fifth wheel towing a travel trailer as a boat trailer. Many find that the double-tow—the RV and boat trailer—is an easier thing to do. Whatever you choose, you should know beforehand that you cannot simple hitch up your trailer and boat, and hit the road. There are regulations for all this, and they vary from state-to-state.

If you’re planning to tow your boat with your RV, then here are some tips for planning this setup.

Know Your Tow Capacity: If your RV has towing capability, you need to make sure you know the capacity. Your RV should be able to pull the boat, and your hitch should be able to take the load. Find out if you need a hitch extender, and what that may do to your load. Grease any parts thoroughly for a smooth ride, and take her for a safety test before you go.

Upgrade Your Insurance: Does your insurance cover all the necessary liability? What about collisions. Standard insurance won’t cover it. Talk to your insurance provider and do your own research on options when it comes to a RV towing a boat.

Adjust Your Driving: If you have never pulled a trailer in your RV, you will need to prepare to drive a little differently. It never hurts to go a little slower. It might annoy some of the faster drivers out on the road, but just stay out of their way and don’t let them get to you. Stay safe. Also, give yourself more room between your vehicle and theirs than average. You need more braking time. You also need wider turns. You may be accustomed to this when driving your RV, but towing makes even more of a difference. That’s why it’s a good idea to practice a little before your trip.

Practice for the Boat Ramp: If you have never unloaded a boat at the ramp, or you have never done so with a RV, then you want to practice this. It can be a tricky thing to do, and various ramps can differ. It also never hurts to have another person watching, and to signal in order to help you accomplish this safely.

Taking your RV and boat out onto the open road can be a freeing, thoroughly enjoyable thing. Practice towing your boat with a RV before you go, plan carefully, and have a great time. Remember, bring your RV and boat to Bethy Creek for a great vacation experience.