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Summertime is usually vacation time. Then, families sometimes take trips over the winter holidays. This is generally because school and work schedules provide holidays during these periods. However, despite school being in session and a lack of lengthy official holidays, fall is a great time to get away, if you can afford the time.

Do all of the things you love in any season, and more.

All seasons have their benefits. Summer, for example, is a great time for swimming and other water activities. A great thing about fall is that there are crossover activities. There may be a few limitations due to weather changes. However, overall, there are versions of your favorite seasonal activities, even in the fall. If it’s too cool for a normal swim, there are places to which you can travel with hot springs. If you like picnics in spring, then you may love them in fall, too. The weather is often still mild enough to eat outdoors and the scenery, though different, is still beautiful. Do you like fishing in warm weather? You can still fish in fall. Just take a look at what sort of fishing is popular—and permitted—in various places. Just load up the boat, get in the RV, and go.

Experience the changes of the season.

We usually associate fall with cooler temperatures, changing colors in the foliage, Halloween and Thanksgiving, and more. How often do people get to experience these things, however? Stopping to see the red and orange leaves in the sunset, or to sit outside in the cool air and enjoy a warm cup of something are not often high on priority lists. Plenty of people talk about doing these things, but don’t find the time.

This fall, consider taking the time. Get in the RV and drive to a place where you can experience the best of seasonal changes. Drive to a woodland area renowned for its fall foliage and enjoy the changing leaves. Fish in cool waters, and if it’s cold at night, drink something warm and make some s’mores. Have the fall experience that some many describe, but rarely do.

Get away from a busy season.

Despite its charms, the fall season is a busy time for many. It’s a time for school, which means early mornings, sports and practice, homework, and more. Children, teachers, and parents alike all experience the madness that often comes with this season. When you add holidays like Halloween—with its costumes and candy—and Thanksgiving—with its large family gatherings that require a lot of work—it sometimes doesn’t become easier.

You can get away from this. Take the RV and do something different. Take a break from school and sports for a weekend. Do something different for the holidays. Go camping for Halloween and tell spooky stories around a fire with s’mores. Take the family somewhere for Thanksgiving. There are plenty of places to go and things to see in the fall—parades, festivals, etc.

Take advantage of all that fall has to offer. Load up into your RV and come to Bethy Creek—in any season.