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A RV is more than a major expense; it’s a commitment. It’s meant to be used often, and in a big way. It’s meant to be driven long distances, year after year, and to be lived in for extended periods of time. It’s an investment. Because of all this, you don’t want to purchase just any RV.

The biggest and most expensive does not always means it’s the best. There are numerous choices and sometimes having so many options does not make selecting the right one simple. However, if you know what you plan to do with the RV and your budget, the process immediately becomes easier.

What sort of camping do you want to do and where?

Camping is different for everyone. Some people prefer to keep things simple and the RV serves only to provide the basics—mobility, extra sleeping space, electricity, storage space for camping basics, etc. Others like to take the comforts of home with them. There are models for both types of people. They come large and small, with as much sleeping space as you might need, and as many luxuries and towing capacity as you might want.

Of course, the places you want to go must accommodate your choice. Do you plan on parking at campsites in national parks? If that’s the case, you will want to consider something smaller because many campsites are not suited to large RVs. A small camper or trailer filled with your basic camping materials is better suited to camping in parks.

If you want to camp in areas with complete amenities, then a large Class A RV would work well. Of course, not all RV parks accommodate all large vehicles, so you will want to be certain you want to remain limited to them.

What and whom do you want to bring?

When you travel, is it just you, or you and a partner? Do you have a large family, or pets? The more people with whom you plan to share the space on the road, the larger a RV you may need. Of course, if you have a large family vehicle and most of your troupe prefers to camp in tents, you may be able to pull a smaller camping trailer. It is important to remember that many RV parks have rules regarding children and pets that may limit your options. Also, children may need the extra comfort and sense of safety that a large RV with bunks offer.

Do you want to pull a car with your RV? Or, do you have a four-wheeler, or jet ski? If you want to tow additional vehicles and park in places where there is room, consider a RV with the towing capacity and size for what you need.

What is your spending budget?

Of course, budget always matters. As you compile a list of all you need and want, you will want to consider what you can afford. In order to know what RVs are available within your budget, you will have to start reviewing prices, too. You may find you can have everything you want, or you may discover that you have to sacrifice some things. It helps to talk to someone who knows RVs well; they may be able to help you find the best deal.

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