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If you consider yourself a real fisherman, you probably have your favorite spots chosen. You may visit as often as you can possibly afford, staying in the same hotel, campsite, or RV park each time. You also probably have your reasons for having no real desire to make a change. However, change can be good. Whether you’re considering trying someplace new, or your setting off on a fishing trip for the first time, here are some tips for finding the best spots.

Research, research, research.

Whether you want to go deep sea fishing, lake fishing, or fish in a river, the best thing you can do is gather the information. Ask yourself how far you want to go. Then, select the area that encompasses your distance limit. Research within that area. There are innumerable sites that can lead you to superior fishing destinations. Fishing boards full of people with experience can tell you what the most popular places are, how much they cost, what the best time to come are, etc. In fact, those boards and sites attributed to states, cities, and counties can reveal some of the most reliable information. Find out the best seasons for fishing in general, for a specific or limited kind of fish, the best weather, and any necessary permits. Remember to make sure any site in which you’re interested allow for RV parking if you’re traveling that way.

Ask around, in person, and online.

People with experience are the best source of information. While every advertisement for fishing locations will promise you the best, those who love to fish and who have been there know whether or not that’s true. When you’ve exhausted the fishermen in your life, try online. Fishing boards and chats are a great source of information because you have a direct line to countless people all over the country, and even the world, who know the best fishing locations. They can even tell you more than where to go. They can tell you what spots are best during what seasons and many more specifics.

When you have narrowed the search to a single location, ask the locals and the guides for more specifics.

When you’ve found your perfect fishing location, talk to the people who know it. Remember to be respectful; you’ll be in their territory. You want to have positive interactions in case you decide to make it a regular spot. You can talk to some before you get there. After you’ve arrived, talk to the local bait shop owner. Talk to any guides who may run fishing boat operations. Make new friends with locals and other fishermen. You may even want to consider inviting others to go out fishing with you. Getting to know people is the best way to get the knowledge.

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