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Fishing season never really ends for the true fan of the rod and reel. Somewhere, even in the winter, there is a place to fish. And, if you have an RV, you may have the makings of a perfect fishing trip. Whether you fish to relax, because you enjoy the satisfaction of catching your own meal, or as a challenging sport, packing and heading off on a RV fishing trip could be your perfect vacation.

Many a RV-owner is also a fisherman. In fact, plenty of people purchase their RVs specifically because they take frequent fishing trips and it makes them easier. They can stay near the water for long periods of time in comfort. Because of this, there are many RV parks and campgrounds near bodies of water—lakes, rivers, and beyond. Some locations even offer alternate lodging, boat and fishing too rentals, and much more, making them perfect for the fisherman with a RV.

Taking a fishing trip in your motorhome is possibly the best way to go about it. You can save money on your accommodations, cook your catch at any time—either on a fire at a campground, or in your RV kitchen. Before taking your first trip, add some planning details to your list.

On the Water, or Near the Water?

Boating can make a significant difference in how you approach your fishing trip with your RV. If you have a boat, that is one less thing you have to rent. However, your RV may not have the ability to pull it. If that’s the case, the best thing to do may be to take your RV and rent a boat when you’re there. Otherwise, you can just pull your boat with you and have all you need. However, if you don’t plan on being on the water, then you have no worries. You can take all the fishing equipment you need on your RV fishing trip, and carry it to the water. Just be sure to get as close as you can to avoid making a long walking trip with all of your things.

License and Regulation

Depending upon where you are, it may not be as simple as showing up and fishing. Many places require a license to fish, and have strict rules about what you can keep and what you must throw back. Check on the licensing regulations in the state and area where you plan on fishing. If you’re new to the location, or you’re only going the one time, some places offer special permits for one day, or a few days.

Keeping what You Catch

Don’t forget that if you plan to keep anything you catch, you’ll need appropriate refrigeration. If you are driving a very, very long way, you may not want to bring things home, unless you trust your RV refrigerator. For a short drive, a cooler with plenty of ice may be enough.

No matter what sort of fishing you prefer—fly fishing or standard pole fishing—your RV can get you there and be your cozy home while you relax. When combined with a fishing vacation, a motorhome turns the trip into a combination of modern comfort and rugged nature. If you’re in the mood for a perfect vacation, try Bethy Creek for your next RV fishing trip.