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waterfront-rv-lots-texasSummer is coming fast, and those looking for the perfect getaway can spend the entire summer at Bethy Creek for a very affordable price! Rates are as low as $350 per month and by signing up for the whole summer you can get a special offer. Your first month will be half price if you make a four-month commitment!

Summer should be a time to make memories and have fun with your friends and loved ones.  Leaving your RV at Bethy Creek and coming up on the weekends, or even spending all month long at Bethy Creek, is an affordable and fun way to have a great summer vacation. You also get a lot of benefits from taking advantage of monthly rates and leaving your RV at Bethy Creek, whether you come up only for the weekend or spend all week!

Benefits of Weekend Monthly Camping 

By taking advantage of monthly rates and leaving your camper at Bethy Creek all summer long, you benefit from:

  • Lower fuel costs in getting to your destination. You won’t have to drive your RV up to Bethy Creek every time you want to camp, because your RV will already be there!
  • Lower site costs. You will pay only $13 to $20 per day when you have a monthly contract. By signing a four month contract, you will also save half off your first month with our current special. This provides significant savings for your family
  • More quality family time. When you have your RV parked at Bethy Creek, it is simple and easy to go up with your family every weekend and enjoy quality time together. You can also get away during the week when you have time. Because your RV will already be ready and waiting for you, you’ll have a lot more incentive to hop in the car and head out on vacation.
  • Making great memories that last a lifetime. Your kids will always remember the great summer vacation that they spent at Bethy Creek enjoying hiking, fishing, and all sorts of other fun outdoor activities.
  • Making new friends. You will meet great people at RV resorts who can become lifelong friends. When you spend an entire month at Bethy Creek, or spend the entire summer there, you will get to see lots of weekly campers coming through and meet lots of new people. You can also spend more time bonding with the other monthly campers who enjoy the RV lifestyle.
  • Cost-effective RV storage. The monthly rate at Bethy Creek is only a little bit more money than paying to store your RV in a storage lot. Instead of your RV just sitting in storage, however, it will be waiting for you and ready for your vacation.
  • Protecting your trailer. If you do not use your RV regularly, problems could arise.
  • No need to make reservations. Your RV is already at Bethy Creek so you can take a spontaneous vacation at any time.

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Of course, the big benefit is that you’ll have your RV at the lake- and who doesn’t want a lake house!