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Experience one of the best recreational activities we have to offer at Bethy Creek: Boating! We have a good selection of boats available to be rented during your trip to Bethy Creek, from 22 foot pontoon boots to paddle boats. If you’re new to the boating world, here’s a few tips to keep you safe while you boat:

  • Be Weather Wise: While we will let you know the weather conditions, it doesn’t hurt to also be aware of the weather conditions before you leave. By looking at the weather yourself you’ll be more prone to remembering the details.
  • Make Proper Use of Lifejackets: Did you know that the majority of drowning victims are the result of boaters not wearing their lifejackets? Make sure that your family and friends aren’t part of this statistic by assigning and fitting each member of your onboard team with a life jacket prior to departure. Wear it!
  • Avoid Alcohol: The probability of being involved in a boating accident doubles when alcohol is involved and studies have shown that the effects of alcohol are exacerbated by sun and wind. Save the alcohol for enjoying around the campsite.
  • Follow navigation and other rules on the water: Never allow passengers to ride on gunwales or seatbacks or outside of protective railings, including the front of a pontoon boat. A sudden turn, stop or start could cause a fall overboard. After leaving the boat launch, maintain slow-no-wake speed for a safe and legal distance from the launch.
  • Teach Your Kids the Difference Between Open Water and Pools: Teach children that swimming in open water is not the same as swimming in a pool: They need to be aware of uneven surfaces, river currents, ocean undertow and changing weather. Make sure kids swim only in areas designated for swimming. Teach children not to dive into oceans, lakes or rivers, because you never know how deep the water is or what might be hidden under the surface. Drowning is the SECOND leading cause of accidental deaths for persons 1-14 years of age and the sixth leading cause for all ages. Be sure to supervise your children as they enjoy Lake Livingston.
  • If you plan to rent the pontoon boat with 60hp motor you will have to take a boating course. In the state of Texas, any powerboat powered by a motor of more than 15hp requires that the operator meets the age and boater education requirements. You can take the course online or inquire at your local law enforcement office.