6 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Campsite Clean

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When you’re staying outdoors on a campsite, things naturally get a little dirty. You get dirty cooking, fishing, and just hanging out outdoors, and your campsite is bound to get dirty as you and your fellow campers spend time in it over the course of your trip.

But keeping your campsite clean should always be a top priority. Not only is a clean campsite safer and more comfortable for everyone, but as a camper, it’s your responsibility to respect nature and preserve the campsite for future campers.

With that in mind, here are 6 easy tips to help you keep your campsite tidy.

  1. Set up trash bags as soon as you arrive—The second you get to your campsite, the first thing you should do is set up your trash and recycling bags. Don’t unpack anything else until this is done, because as soon as everyone starts unpacking, the trash will begin to accumulate. If you don’t have your trash bags set up, the refuse you create when unpacking and setting up will litter your campsite.
  2. Put a rug outside your tent—There’s nothing worse than a dirty tent floor. Tracking dirt into your tent means that you’ll literally be sleeping in dirt at night, and when you pack up your tent to take it home, you’ll have that same dirt getting everywhere in your car and in your home. One of the easiest ways to keep dirt from getting into your tent is to set up a rug just outside its door. A simple woven rug will let anyone who enters your tent wipe off their feet first, so your interior doesn’t get dirty.
  3. Bring a paper towel holder—This is the one thing that a lot of campers forget, and it makes such a huge difference in your cleanliness. Paper towels won’t do you any good if they’ve gotten filthy rolling around on the ground. Bring a paper towel stand so that your paper towels are kept clean. That way, you can get clean more easily when you need to.
  4. Don’t forget the hand sanitizer—A bottle of hand sanitizer can seem like a heaven send on a campsite. Sure, you should also bring soap, but let’s face it, washing your hands on a campsite can be a hassle. With hand sanitizer, you can easily sterilize your hands, so you’ll feel cleaner all day long.
  5. Clean up first thing every morning—Ideally, your campsite would be clean before you go to bed at night, but when it’s dark out, cleaning up can be a bit challenging and even unsafe in some cases. Make a habit of patrolling your entire campsite and picking up all trash first thing every morning.
  6. Thoroughly clean your campsite before leaving—As a camper, it’s your duty to leave your campsite the way you found it. That means picking up all trash, covering any latrines you may have dug, putting the rocks you used to make your campfire ring back where you found them, and doing anything else necessary to make your campsite beautiful. 

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