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Nothing is more refreshing than a dip in lake or river water to cool off in the middle of the summer heat. If you and your family or friends are taking a camping trip in your RV this summer, you should definitely set your sights on a campsite that includes lake access. The many water activities that will be available to you will keep everyone entertained and busy for days at a time. From wake boarding to skiing to simply just swimming, adults and children of all ages will be able to enjoy these various water activities. Water activities are even available for those camping trips during the cooler months. Boating and fishing are just two exciting and entertaining water activities that are still available and perhaps more appropriate during the winter and fall seasons.  If you are going camping in the near future, look for a campsite that has multiple water activities offered for the enjoyment of everyone in your group.

These fun activities offered by the campsite can include:

  • Boating— Bringing your own boat along? Be sure your campsite can provide proper boat storage and boat ramps. If you don’t have your own boat, check to make sure that the place you are camping at offers boats for rental. Campsites that also provide canoes and paddle boats for rental are ideal for those who cannot yet operate motor vehicles, or for those who would simple rather paddle or row.
  • Water skiing— If your campsite does not provide water ski equipment, there may be local shops that rent equipment out to campers. Water skiing is a fun and sometime physically demanding water sport.
  • fishing2Fishing— Fishing is a favorite past time of many campers. Relax by yourself or bring your kids along to see their excitement at baiting their first fish. Campsites that include fishing piers as well as fish cleaning stations are ideal for those who wish to eat their catch at the end of the day.
  • Water sports— Water polo and volleyball are just two fun and interactive water sports that are enjoyable for swimmers of all ages. You can purchase your own balls and equipment, or see if your campsite will have items available for use.
  • Wakeboarding— Similar to water skiing, wakeboarding is excellent for those who love exhilarating water sports. If you’re interested in wakeboarding on your camping trip, make sure the campsite you are going to visit can either provide you with equipment or has cable wakeboarding available. Cable wakeboarding is a convenient way to learn how to wakeboard and it includes the use of a cable rather than a boat.
  • Swimming— After playing in the hot sun all day, taking a relaxing swim in the cold lake will be the perfect way to cool and calm you down. 

The more options available to campers, the more fun and interesting your camping trip will be. Campsites that offer a wide variety of different water activities will be more suitable for groups of different ages and will allow campers the freedom to do what they want.

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