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Camping is an exceptionally fun and exciting activity for the whole family, but it can be also be dangerous. If you are going to be camping with kids, it is crucial that you go over some important safety rules before embarking on your trip. They need to be informed and well-aware of all the dangers that accompany camping such as the possibility of getting lost, or the chance of hazardous wildlife encounters. Make sure your kids understand the significance of following your instructions so that everyone stays safe and a successful camping trip can be achieved.

Here are a few ways you can help keep your kids safe while in the wildness: 

  • Designate a specific meeting spot in case you get separated—As soon as you reach your camping destination, choose a spot to meet in case of emergencies. Make sure the entire family is familiar with the spot and knows how to get there if they get lost or separated from the group. 
  • Set boundaries—Upon arrival, make sure your kids know where they are and aren’t allowed to venture off to. If you don’t want them going in or past a specific area, be sure this is clear. 
  • Discuss any dangerous wildlife that may be in the area—If bears or other wildlife are going to be in the immediate vicinity of your camp, discuss this with your kids before leaving. Be sure they understand to never approach any wild animals and talk about what to do in case of an encounter. Further, familiarize them with any poisonous plants or insects that may be around so they know which of these to avoid. 
  • Do not let them handle campfires alone—While one of the main perks of camping is being able to teach your kids how to build a campfire, do not let them do so alone. Always make sure that there is an adult supervising in case of accidents.  
  • Protect them from the sun—Sensitive skin can be sunburned in mere minutes out in the scorching Texas heat. To avoid this, bring plenty of sunscreen and make sure to apply it to you and your kids multiple times a day. Sunglasses and hats are also not a bad idea to prevent the sun from hurting skin and eyes. Also be aware of their water intake and the hazards of dehydration. Make sure they are consuming plenty of water throughout the day. 
  • Always supervise kids near water—Even if the water is shallow, if your kids aren’t strong swimmers always keep an eye on them when they are near water. Unexpected rip tides can carry them out to sea and strong river currents may sweep them downstream. If your children wear a life vest or floaties, make sure they are in proper condition before letting your kids use them. 

To ensure the best and safest possible camping trip for you and your kids, review these tips before embarking on your journey.

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